Why should I hire an immigration consultant?2018-12-21T12:25:51-05:00
The process of immigrating to a new country is a significant life decision and contains complicated guidelines that constantly change. This is where immigration consultants can help you. Our regulated immigration consultants have the expertise to consult and represent those who wish to immigrate to Canada, USA or Europe, preventing unnecessary risk for you and maximizing your chances of a successful application.
How can Mercan Group help me?2018-12-21T12:28:46-05:00
With almost 30 years of experience and an international network of offices, we have been able to establish ourselves as one of the largest and most successful immigration consulting firms in North America. As such, we are always able to effectively cater to each of our clients’ unique immigration needs: As a successful investment immigration firm, we are able to provide high net worth families with customized immigration solutions for Canada, USA and Europe. As a leader in the recruitment and placement of foreign workers, our extensive database and strict screening process allows us to recruit the best talents from all skill levels. As a fast-growing student recruitment firm, our worldwide network combined with our expertise in immigration laws allow us to reach students and assist them with their education and migration goals. Finally, with our strong expertise in the field of immigration consulting and with a number of licensed immigration practitioners, we strive to deliver the best possible result for every application we submit.
How do I hire a professional consultant from Mercan Group?2018-12-21T12:41:50-05:00
Our consultants at Mercan are always happy to respond to your inquiries through email or call. However, to officially avail of our services, you must first complete a free assessment. Once completed, a representative from Mercan will be contacting you to advise you on your immigration possibilities based on your qualifications and unique situation and discuss the next steps to move forward with your application through us.
What will the immigration process look like when I hire a professional consultant from Mercan?2018-12-21T12:48:50-05:00
  1. Initial Assessment
    Before we proceed with your application, we evaluate and assess your qualifications according to the latest government requirements. We explain the process and programs to you and provide a frank and honest appraisal. This initial process is the foundation of our refund policy.
  2. Program Selection
    After a complete review of your work experience and skills, Mercan selects the best program for each applicant. You will benefit from our extensive knowledge of the selection criteria required. This is important, for it can affect the success of your application and may reduce the processing time.
  3. File Preparation
    Our team of professionals prepare your document, submit and follow-up your application. This includes: helping you gather proper documents so you qualify under the selection criteria applicable to your category; assisting you in completing your application to maximize your chances of success, and ensuring you submit the appropriate required documents,
  4. Monitoring Your File
    One of the outstanding features of Mercan is our commitment to communication. Throughout the process, we keep you updated on your application’s status, and follow each case’s progress by keeping in constant touch with immigration authorities.
  5. Case follow-up
    Mercan follows up your application to ensure it receives the attention it deserves. Whenever requirements or additional documents are requested by immigration authorities, we keep you informed and assist you on a timely basis.
What can I expect from my immigration consultant at Mercan Group?2018-12-21T12:49:48-05:00
We at Mercan not only take pride in our work, but we also make it a point to take very good care of our clients. We understand every person is unique, and consequently so is every application. To simplify and accelerate each application, we tailor our services to each specific situation, and our representatives and agents assist you in your native tongue. Aside from that, we personally monitor our applications and maintain frequent contact with relevant immigration offices to ensure you can expect quick and positive results.
What are your consultation fees?2018-12-21T12:50:31-05:00
Depending on the program and category you choose to apply for, there are different documents required. Your immigration consultant at Mercan will inform you on the documents you will need to submit and organize them to build your case. Our consultation fees vary for each program and are charged on a flat-rate basis rather than an hourly rate. All fees are presented to you in our retainer agreement and are payable in multiple installments dependent on the progress of your application. This guarantees that you know exactly how much your case will cost from the very beginning and that you are paying only as we move forward with your case. Our consultation fees, however, are separate from the government application fees, which we also present in the retainer agreement.
What documents will I need to provide?2018-12-21T12:51:16-05:00
Depending on the program and category you choose to apply for, there are different documents required. Your immigration consultant at Mercan will inform you on the documents you will need to submit and organize them to build your case. The usual documents being asked for are documents proving your identity such as birth certificates, passports and national identity cards as well as documents proving your qualifications such as diplomas and language test scores. Generally, photocopies are accepted, but you will be notified if we need any original copies. Also, for documents not originally in English, official translations will be requested. More details on this can be found on official government immigration websites or you can contact anyone from our team of professionals to learn more.
Can people from anywhere in the world avail of Mercan Group’s services?2018-12-21T12:51:57-05:00
Mercan Group has built an international network of offices in Canada, China, Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States, as well as agent/partner offices in over 30 countries. This wide reach allows us to efficiently assist anyone in the world in immigrating to Canada, USA or Europe. Feel free to contact any of our branch offices today to begin your immigration journey with Mercan.
How do I know which immigration program is best for me?2018-12-21T12:54:16-05:00
Our team of professional consultants with extensive knowledge on the different immigration programs can effectively determine the best program for your unique situation. By completing any of our free assessment forms, we will be able to inform you on the programs you are eligible for and assist you in selecting the most ideal one.
Can I include my family in my application?2018-12-21T12:55:00-05:00
Yes, immigration programs generally allow applicants to include their spouse or common law partner and dependent children when applying for permanent residency. In doing so, an applicant must be able to provide a certified proof of the relationship such as a valid marriage certificate and the birth certificate of each dependent child. On the other hand, if you are already a citizen of Canada or a permanent resident, you may be eligible to sponsor your spouse and dependent children to live with you in Canada.
How do I check the status of my application?2018-12-21T12:56:11-05:00
With our dedication to quality and efficient service, our immigration consultants at Mercan are always able to provide you with the most recent information regarding your application. We make it a point to always keep you informed on any progress or changes and are always ready to assist you at every step in your application.
How long will the application process take?2018-12-21T12:55:47-05:00
When it comes to immigration application timelines, every case is different and is highly dependent on government processing times which regularly change. Nevertheless, our experienced team of professionals can competently assess your situation and provide you with a rough estimate on the length of your application. Also, since we continuously monitor your application and maintain contact with immigration authorities, we can always keep you up-to-date on the status of your application.
What if I do not meet the point requirements or qualify for the immigration program of my choice?2018-12-21T12:57:02-05:00
With the numerous immigration options available, if you do not qualify for a specific immigration program, our consultants can readily help you find other possibilities to meet your immigration goals. You can also see if you meet the requirements for any of our available programs by taking our free assessment. Aside from that, since the immigration programs and requirements are regularly updating, it helps to remain informed and to regularly check the latest immigration news.
What is your refund policy?2018-12-21T12:58:19-05:00
Our consultants constantly strive to deliver the best possible results at every step of your application. Therefore, any immigration consultation fees that have been paid to Mercan for services already provided by our consultants may NOT be refunded. However, any unused government fees and any immigration consultation fees that have been paid but no service has been provided yet may be returned to you. For more details, feel free to call or email us today!
What happens if I get refused?2018-12-21T12:57:55-05:00
At Mercan, we take pride in our extensive expertise in the field of immigration and always build each case in such a way that ensures the best outcome. However, in the event that your application is refused by the immigration authorities, depending on your reason for refusal, our consultants may submit an appeal for you. Otherwise, we can help find other immigration programs for you that still meet your immigration goals. If you no longer wish to pursue your application, our refund policy may allow you to receive some of your money back instead.


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