If you are a business investor or a person holding managerial position, you may be eligible to apply for permanent residency to Canada under different investor programs. Canada is seeking for investors with the skills and capability needed to contribute to the economic growth of the country.

Federal Investor Program:

This program is currently closed. We will provide an update if the program reopens at a later date.

Quebec Investor Program:
Owing to the fact that it has more control over its immigration, Quebec has its own Investor Program.
Quebec’s investor program is comprehensive and provides access to Canadian Permanent Residency. The program requires an $800 000 CAD investment over 5 years. We also provide the financing of the loan for the investment with a Canadian financial institution for $230 000 CAD as is permitted by the program.
For more information, please go to the Quebec Investor Program page.

Other Provincial Nominee Programs:
Manitoba – MBPNP Business Immigration for investors wanting to start a business in Manitoba. Permanent Residency is given to those selected and $100 000 CAD will be in escrow until terms are met or will be forfeited if they are not met. More details can be found on the Provincial Nominee Investor page.

British Columbia – BCPNP Entrepreneur Immigration is for investors that want to establish a business in British Columbia. This program provides a Work Permit until approval for Permanent Residency is given based on evaluation of the business report. More details can be found on the Provincial Nominee Investor page.

Prince Edward Island – PEI Business Impact Category is for investors that want to start a business in PEI. This program requires approval of business and relocation plans and there is a $200 000 CAD escrow deposit that will be returned partially after 1 year of living in PEI (25 000 at both 6 month intervals) and the remainder once the terms of escrow agreement are met. More details can be found on the Provincial Nominee Investor Page.
As per the Provincial Nominee Program, several provinces have programs for Business Immigrants that provide a different pathway towards Residency. Please refer to the different Province/Program to find out if you could qualify for one of them.