The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) is the welcoming doorway to Canadian permanent residence and the path to success for these skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and their families – attracted by the lifestyle, employment and business opportunities offered by the strong, stable economy in Manitoba, Canada.

MPNP Skilled  Worker

A skilled worker has specialized education, training and work experience in their occupation. In Manitoba, skilled workers can receive excellent salaries and benefits.

There are two pathways to Manitoba:

Applications are accepted from qualified temporary foreign workers and international student graduates who are currently working in Manitoba andhave been offered a permanent job by their Manitoba employer.

Applications are accepted from qualified skilled workers who can demonstrate a strong connection to the province through family or friends, past education or employment, or by invitation of the MPNP, and be assessed sufficient points for five eligibility factors – age, English proficiency, work experience, education and adaptability.