IELTS is one of the most popular English-language tests worldwide. Accepted as a proof of English proficiency for study at most universities and colleges in Canada, IELTS can also open doors to Canadian permanent residency and citizenship.

IELTS is trusted by individuals and organisations around the world for its fairness, reliability and high-quality standards. There is no pass or fail in IELTS. The score you need is determined by the organization you are applying to. It is always important to check with the organization that has requested IELTS to confirm which version and what scores you need.

Academic or General Training

IELTS is available in two versions: Academic and General Training. The Academic Test is suited for people applying for higher education or professional registration. The General Training test is for those migrating to Canada or applying for secondary education, training programmes and work experience in an English-speaking environment.

Also, IELTS offers test takers a choice to take the Listening, Reading and Writing sections of the test on computer or paper.

Required documents for online registration

  1. Digital copy of your passport or national ID card. You will need to upload a copy of this document. You must present the original of the uploaded document on the test day i.e. if you upload passport you will have to show your original passport on the test day (ID card is NOT accepted) and vice versa for a National ID card.
  2. VISA or Master Card – payment options may be different for each test location. You will receive an immediate confirmation email. If you prefer not to pay by credit card, please click offline payment.

How to book and pay for a test?

IELTS test takers can register online in just 6 easy steps:

1. GO TO

2. Pick your closest test centre

3. Click on Book Now. You will be redirected to the IELTS global online registration system

4. Complete your application details and upload your scanned documents

5. Confirm your test date and details

6. Pay for your test


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