Created to encourage business investments in a country, the business immigration programs are exclusive programs that enable high net worth individuals to attain permanent residency and eventually, citizenship in their country of choice.

Canada business immigration programs are for those who have significant management experience and can contribute to the economic growth of the country. The federal government runs its own investor program that allows Canadian investors to settle in any province except Quebec, however, each province, including Quebec, has its own investor program as well. Generally, any of the investor programs in Canada would require a sizeable investment that would be eventually returned, a minimum net worth, as well as a background in managing a business.

For those who want to create or acquire a business, there are the Canada entrepreneur programs that have similar requirements to the investor programs and are also available through the federal government or specific provinces. For those with a more specific profession and can create jobs for themselves or those looking for self employment in Canada, they may be eligible for the Canada self-employed program which does not require any initial investment.

The USA also has its own investor program called the EB-5 Program which enables applicants to attain USA citizenship by investment. Under this program, aside from providing the required investment amount, the investor must also prove that 10 jobs were created through his/her investment. However, unlike in Canada, there is no need for the investor to have management experience.

There are also investor immigration programs available for those wishing to immigrate to Europe. One of the most popular programs is the Portugal Golden Visa program. Compared to the investment programs mentioned in the two countries above, this program has more lenient requirements, not necessitating any management experience, minimum net worth, or proof of the source of funds.



Yes, in the event the application is refused, the investment will be returned to you immediately.

Generally, programs allow the spouse and dependent children to be included in the application.

For the US EB-5 Program and Portugal Golden Visa program, anyone 18 years of age and over may apply. There is no requirement for management experience, education, or net worth. The US EB-5 Program, however, requires that the investor must prove that the investment amount has been lawfully gifted or acquired. Additionally, a child or spouse may apply without the accompanying parents or spouse if the other family members do not wish to do so. There are also no restrictions on your nationality. Canada business immigration programs, on the other hand, are stricter and require certain management experience and net worth as well as proof that all assets have been obtained legally.

For most Canada entrepreneur and self-employed programs, yes, because they usually require living in the province and running a business. However, there are certain programs in Canada that enable a passive investment such as the Quebec Investor Program. For the US EB-5 Program, the investor becomes a limited partner of the company that owns the investment project while for the Portugal Golden Visa program, the investor becomes a co-owner of the property. In both cases, the investor does not need to actively manage the project.

For programs that do not involve establishing a business, return of funds varies per program. Canada business immigration programs like the federal investor program and Quebec investor program require the investment to be maintained for 5 years. For the US EB-5 Program, funds are returned once the investor’s conditional status is removed. For the Portugal Golden Visa Program, funds are returned after permanent residency is attained, or if the investor wishes, after citizenship is attained. The investor may also choose to keep the investment and continue earning the annual rental income on the project. For more information on specific programs, please click on the individual program links.


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